XiVO Solutions Documentation (Luna Edition)


What’s new in this version ?

  • New CRUD APIs are available for call groups

  • Mobile app integration improvements and management of iOS and Android push token

  • Desktop assistant signing and auto-update published through xivo solutions mirror

  • XiVO CC is now able to be installed in parallel to XiVO PBX in order to gain time

  • Dockerization of agid and confgend modules on xivo main

  • Removal of user/agent statuses coupling of Ctid in Xuc

See Luna page for the complete list of New Features and Behavior Changes.

  • End of Support for LTS Freya (2020.18).

  • ELK stack: elasticsearch, logstash and kibana are no longer in the product.


XiVO solutions developed by Wisper group is a suite of PBX applications based on several free existing components including Asterisk and our own developments. This powerful and scalable solution offers a set of features for corporate telephony and call centers to power their business.

You may also have a look at our development blog for technical news about the solution

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