XiVO Solutions Documentation (Izar Edition)


What’s new in this version ?

  • New desgin for UI with the possibility to make a video call from the chat conversation

  • The possibility to switch between the mobile application and web or to use both. Notification is sent after connecting to the mobile app for the first time.

  • Meetingroom enhacements :

    • Meetingroom sharing link have a new shortned format in order to be able to visually check it / compare it

    • Welcome page is displayed before entering an external meetingroom to choose the camera and microphone.

    • Possibility to select a custom background or blur it during the meeting

  • All XiVO components now needs a Debian 11 (Bullseye) base to work.

See Izar page for the complete list of New Features and Behavior Changes.

  • End of Support for LTS Callisto (2019.05)

  • Python2: As part of Debian 11 upgrade, all xivo services were moved to python3.

See Deprecations.


XiVO solutions developed by Wisper group is a suite of PBX applications based on several free existing components including Asterisk and our own developments. This powerful and scalable solution offers a set of features for corporate telephony and call centers to power their business.

You may also have a look at our development blog for technical news about the solution

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