XiVO Solutions Documentation (Jabbah Edition)


What’s new in this version ?

  • UC Assistant: Real time status for internal users is now displayed in the call history

  • Switchboard in Desktop Application: Switchboard application is now available with the Desktop Application

  • Unique Account: Unique Account users are now compatible with:

    • call groups,
    • group pickups,
    • and boss/secretary filters
  • Directory Research: Enhancements to have more relevant results ordering

  • Web Interface: Improve labels with filtering and better display for long lists

  • Mobile Application: Improvements on the integration in the workflow

See Jabbah page for the complete list of New Features and Behavior Changes.


  • End of Support for LTS Deneb (2019.12).
  • Asterisk:
    • chan_sip is deprecated and will be removed in next LTS
    • chan_sccp is deprectaed and will be removed in next LTS

XiVO solutions developed by Wisper group is a suite of PBX applications based on several free existing components including Asterisk and our own developments. This powerful and scalable solution offers a set of features for corporate telephony and call centers to power their business.

You may also have a look at our development blog for technical news about the solution

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