Display customer informations

The informations about a call opens a url on new browser tab. (Before Electra it was displayed via the XiVO Client on forms called sheets.)

Example: Display a Web page when an agent answers a call

The first step is to assign the URL to a dialplan variable. Go in the Services ‣ IPBX ‣ Configuration files and create a new file called setsheeturl.conf. In this file, put the following:

exten = s,1,NoOp(Starting Set Sheet URL)
same  = n,Set(SHEET_URL_CTI=http://documentation.xivo.solutions)
same  = n,UserEvent(dialplan2cti,UNIQUEID: ${UNIQUEID},CHANNEL: ${CHANNEL},VARIABLE: mysheeturl,VALUE: ${SHEET_URL_CTI})
same  = n,Return()

You can replace documentation.xivo.solutions by the URL you want.

The second step is to set the URL when the call is queued. To do that, we will use a preprocessing subroutine. This is configured in the queue configuration : go to Services ‣ Call center ‣ Queues and edit the queue. Set the field Preprocessing subroutine to setsheeturl (the same as above).

The third step is to configure the sheet to open the wanted URL. Go to Services ‣ CTI Server ‣ Sheets ‣ Models and create a new sheet. It must have a name and at least two fields : one with Field title popupUrl, Default value / and Display value {dp-mysheeturl}, the other with Field title folderNumber and Display value /. See Sheet Configuration for more details.

The fourth and final step is to trigger the sheet when the agent answers the queued call. Go to Services ‣ CTI Server ‣ Sheets ‣ Events and link the event Linked to the sheet you just created.

That’s it, you can assign agents to your queue, log the agents and make them answer calls with the CC Agent opened, and your browser should open the specified URL.