Release Notes


Below is a list of New Features and Behavior Changes compared to the previous LTS version, Izar (2022.05).

New Features


  • Desktop Application
    • Make Switchboard/POPC possible in Desktop Applications
    • Third party application displayed in Desktop Application
  • UC Assistant
    • Call history: internal users status is now shown in history

Meeting rooms

  • Integration of hand raising and lowering


  • Unique Account : UA users now works in call groups, group pickup, and boss secretary filter
  • New option run_scripts was added to wizard API json. See run_scripts in Wizard page. Default is False.
  • New option handle_system_conf was added to wizard API json. See handle_system_conf in Wizard page. Default is True.
  • Labels: Improve web-interface labels with filtering and better display for long lists


Behavior Changes


  • Users in Groups and Queues:

    • The possibility to specify the channel (default or Local) for a user in a group or queue was removed.

    • All users in Groups and Queues are now added with interface Local/id-42@usercallback (for a user with user id 42)

    • All users that were Groups’ or Queues’ member will have the queue/group member interface changed from SIP/abcd or Local/1000@default to Local/id-42@usercallback during upgrade (for a user with SIP line abcd and number 1000 and user id 42).

    • Behavior change for XiVO unconditional forward (*21) and do not disturb (*25):

      Group member Before (<=Izar) After (>= Jabbah)
        Channel type Channel type is not applicable
      default Local
      DND activated User is called anyway DND is followed User is not called
      UNC activated User is called anyway UNC is followed User is called anyway
      Queue member Before (<=Izar) After (>= Jabbah)
        Channel type Channel type is not applicable
      default Local
      DND activated User is called anyway User is not called User is not called
      UNC activated User is called anyway User is not called User is called anyway
  • Directory Research: Lookup results are now ordered in way to prefer more relevant results (see default_json)

  • *8 is not anymore supported by asterisk core feature but xivo-feature. Pay attention that migration sets it back to *8


  • MEETINGROOM_AUTH_DOMAIN should be updated from ‘’ to either ‘*’ or ‘meet-jitsi’


This release deprecates:

  • LTS Deneb (2019.12): This version is no longer supported. No bug fixes, no security update will be provided for this release.
  • Asterisk chan_sip is deprecated. It is still present in Jabbah release but will be removed from next LTS. See ref:upgrade_chan_sip_pjsip_migration_guide
  • Asterisk chan_sccp is deprecated. It is still present in Jabbah release but is no longer tested and will be removed from next LTS.

Jabbah Bugfixes Versions

Components version table

Table listing the current version of the components.

Component current ver.
XiVO PBX 2022.10.00
config_mgt 2022.10.01
db 2022.10.00
outcall 2022.10.00
db_replic 2022.10.00
nginx 2022.10.00
webi 2022.10.00
switchboard_reports 2022.10.00
asterisk 18.10
docker-ce 5:20.10.13
docker-compose 1.29.2
elasticsearch 7.14.0
kibana 7.14.0
logstash 2022.10.00
mattermost 2022.10.00
nginx 2022.10.00
pack-reporting 2022.10.00
pgxivocc 2022.10.00
recording-server 2022.10.01
spagobi 2022.10.00
xivo-full-stats 2022.10.01
xuc 2022.10.01
xucmgt 2022.10.01
edge 2022.10.00
nginx 2022.10.00
kamailio 2022.10.00
coturn 2022.10.00
Meeting Rooms  
meetingroom 2022.10.00
web-jitsi 2022.10.00
jicofo-jitsi 2022.10.00
prosody-jitsi 2022.10.00
jvb-jitsi 2022.10.00
jigasi-jitsi 2022.10.00
ivr-editor 2022.10.01


Consult the 2022.10.01 (Jabbah.01) Roadmap.

Components updated:

Docker :


Debian :



  • #5890 - Sometimes call is automatically hangup when answered by mobile application
  • #5930 - [C] PJSIP “Insecure” option in the SIP Trunk configuration

Desktop Assistant

  • #5875 - Desktop application - systray menu is not working on Linux

Mobile Application

  • #5577 - As mobile app user I want to correctly see missed calls on my webapp and mobileapp
  • #5802 - UA User - Be able to use the mobile app with UA user


  • #5906 - Handle call history when user is WebAppAndMobileApp (follow up of #5890)
  • #5938 - xivo-full-stats restart indefinitely if CEL with appdata contains chars different than [a-zA-Z]


  • #5871 - Switchboard - missing link to download app
  • #5872 - [Doc] - Update DApp users’ guide with Switchboard

Web Assistant

  • #5870 - Call history buttons appear out of the div
  • #5873 - [Doc] - UPdate users’ guide with new call history
  • #5907 - Update xucmgt to use missed_call from user preferences instead of computing it.

XUC Server

  • #5877 - Add log in xuc with the connection type when a user is log in


  • #5249 - IVR uploads new audio file in place of an existing error.
  • #5886 - PJSIP - Wrong option mapping for directmedia = nonat in sip config
  • #5895 - Users state in group is not correctly taken into account
  • #5908 - Store the number of missed calls in user preferences
  • #5933 - As a user I want to have an error displayed when trying to login on MobileApp if XiVO is not properly configured for it
  • #5947 - XDS - agid doesn’t start on MDS (python build problem)

XiVO Provisioning

  • #5822 - dxtorc and dxtora do not work in python 3
  • #5904 - TFTP server wrong encoding


Consult the 2022.10.00 (Jabbah.00) Roadmap.

Components updated:

Docker :

xivo-jicofo-jitsi xivo-jvb-jitsi xivo-prosody-jitsi xivo-web-jitsi xucmgt

Debian :

ivr-editor xivo-agid xivo-config xivo-jigasi-jitsi xivo-meetingrooms xivo-provd-plugins xivo-web-interface

Desktop Assistant

  • #5111 - Desktop App - Use gif when installing the app on Windows.

Mobile Application

  • #5800 - Mobile App - Allow call group, BS filter and call pickup


  • #4558 - Conference Room - Reenable the Meeting Participant View

  • #4731 - Meeting Room - Unable to un-mute audio only participant if muted

  • #4770 - Integration of hand raising and lowering

  • #5794 - Update jitsi containers


    Behavior change MEETINGROOM_AUTH_DOMAIN should be updated from ‘’ to either ‘*’ or ‘meet-jitsi’

Web Assistant

  • #5773 - Ucassistant history icon tooltips not showing or are wrong
  • #5809 - UC assistant : bugs on call history page


  • #5770 - IVR build breaks when trying to release
  • #5784 - deleting line of user in a group and queue
  • #5801 - UA Users in Call Groups (or queues) - Be able to pass on the group/queue option to the actual dialed peer
  • #5818 - Boss/Secretary filter “Ringing time” field missing in specific scenario
  • #5867 - Penalty Field for queue is offset in edit user form/groups

XiVO Provisioning

  • #5398 - [C] - Provisioning - Directed call pickup doesn’t work on EXP50 + T57W - xivo-yealink-v85 plugin

XiVOCC Infra

  • #5544 - Frontend Integration Tests - Be able to run cypress test locally