Release Notes

Callisto (2019.05)

Below is a list of New Features and Behavior Changes compared to the previous LTS version, Boréalis (2018.16).


New Features

  • CC Manager:
    • Add callbacks count and oldest callbacks
  • Desktop Assistant:
    • Tray icon shows:
      • if user is disconnected
      • if user has missed calls
    • Improved sound settings for WebRTC
    • Windows location and sized is saved when exiting
  • UC Assistant:
    • Can empty the search box
  • Translation: new German translation of Application (Desktop Assistant, UC Assistant, CC Agent and CC Manager)
  • WebRTC
  • XiVO PBX
    • New outgoing calls configuration with Routes: more flexible and compatible with XDS sytem - see Outgoing Calls.
    • Add SRCNUM as available information for FaxToMail application
    • WebI: available incoming calls number displayed when creating a new Incoming call (suggestions is limited to the 10 first available results).
  • XDS
    • Can call a user in different context
    • Can call a group located on any MDS
    • Can synchronize a device from Webi whatever its MDS
    • Can specify the user line site when importing users with a CSV file - see User Import and Export.
    • Can specify local SIP trunks for a MDS
    • Intra-MDS routing SIP peers are auto-generated
    • Outgoing call routes can be configured per-MDS
  • High availibility
  • System
    • Upgrade to asterisk 16, the latest LTS version of asterisk.
    • Upgrade to postgres 11, the latest release of postgres.

Behavior Changes

  • API
    • Recording server API URL was changed. It is now prefixed with recording. For example /records/search URL was changed to /recording/records/search.
    • When creating a user using the REST API, the CTI profile is now set to a default value and the CTI client is enabled when a CTI client login and a password is set.
  • Fingerboard
    • It now runs inside the nginx container and the fingerboard container was removed
    • XiVO CC services are opened on URLs without port number
    • CC Assistant, CC Manager, Recording and Config Mgt open through https
    • XiVO CC services running on separate servers can be accessed from one fingerboard
    • See Nginx path distribution for details
  • System
    • Database will be upgraded from postgres 9.4 to 11
    • Database is now run inside a container
  • XiVO PBX
    • Asterisk: language now defaults to fr_FR. To change it to english, one should:
      • verify that the packages asterisk-sounds-wav-en-us, xivo-sounds-en-us are installed
      • and set, in file /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf the defaultlanguage parameter to en_US
    • IAX trunks are no longer supported.
    • Outgoing calls were migrated to Routes: a more flexible routing system - see our migration guide.
    • Web Interface, Groups and Queues configuration: the Busy case in the No answer tab was removed.
    • WebI : user’s in select box are now displayed number@mediaserver [context] (instead of number@context)
  • XDS:
    • Intra-MDS routing SIP peers are auto-generated: you MUST then remove the peers you would have created manually.


Follow the usual procedures (don’t forget the specific steps to upgrade to another LTS version - see Manual steps for LTS upgrade):

Features & bugfixes list

Callisto Bugfixes Versions

Components version table

Table listing the current version of the components.

Component | current ver.
XiVO PBX 2019.05.02
config_mgt 2019.05.02
db 2019.05.02
outcall 2019.05.02
db_replic 2019.05.00
elasticsearch 1.7.2
kibana_volume 2019.05.00
nginx 2019.05.02
pack-reporting 2019.05.00
pgxivocc 1.3
recording-rsync 1.0
recording-server 2019.05.02
spagobi 2019.05.00
xivo-full-stats 2019.05.00
xuc 2019.05.02
xucmgt 2019.05.02


Consult the Callisto.02 Roadmap.

Components updated: config-mgt, nginx, recording-server, xivo-confgend, xivo-dao, xivo-db, xivo-manage-db, xivo-outcall, xivo-web-interface, xivocc-installer, xucmgt, xucserver

Desktop Assistant

  • #2212 - Empty the search box


  • #2488 - Update login page to have same look and feel than ccagent or cccmanager and display logged username

Web Assistant

  • #2506 - XDS - status of phone is randomly correct on UC
  • #2507 - display flashtext from other users

XUC Server

  • #2470 - ACD outbound call status is always dialing
  • #2505 - Add username to RichDirectoryResult in XUC


  • #2458 - XDS - Improve postgresql configuration handling
  • #2473 - XDS - mds installation may fail when configuring uuid
  • #2498 - Deleting trunk used in outcall causes outcall not to be
  • #2500 - Postgres in docker is always restarting in auto recovery mode
  • #2504 - Increase default number of connection in db container
  • #2512 - Outcall - no group id for user causes sql group query to fail

XiVOCC Infra

  • #2383 - XiVO CC services can’t use domain names


Consult the Callisto.01 Roadmap.

Components updated: asterisk, xivo-config, xivo-db, xivo-monitoring, xivo-outcall, xivo-solutions-doc, xivo-upgrade, xivo-web-interface, xucmgt

Desktop Assistant

  • #2481 - Save desktop assistant windows location and size on exit


  • #2389 - Optimize Chrome WebRTC settings


  • Asterisk: Update asterisk to 16.3.0 #2483
    • #2465 - Asterisk 16 - Voicemail supervision doesn’t work
  • #2362 - XDS - Database schema is shown as NOK after upgrade
  • #2453 - Outcall - application - consider context inclusion
  • #2460 - Outcall - make intra-mds call routing work for other contexts than default
  • #2463 - Outcall - migration to Route - migration script creates routes with outgoing context
  • #2464 - Outcall - application does not reconnect to database
  • #2477 - Permissions not respected when calling a forwared user
  • #2478 - Asterisk 16 - Not logging CEL if database is not ready when asterisk starts
  • #2479 - Outcall - Callerid and forward - Wrong callerid when U1 calls U2 fwded to external user
  • #2484 - Route - I should be able to create a route with prio > 10
  • #2489 - Clean outcall from contextmember table
  • #2491 - Bypass schedule with password doesn’t work for outgoing calls