Upgrade Borealis to Callisto

In this section is listed the manual steps to do when migrating from Borealis to Callisto.


Upgrade to Callisto:

  • Postgres database will be updated from 9.4 to version 11 during upgrade. Migration time will therefore be longer than usual.
  • Asterisk will be updated from 13 to version 16 during upgrade.
  • IAX trunks are no longer supported

Before Upgrade


  • Postgres upgrade:
    • You MUST have enough free disk space for postgres upgrade.
    • The upgrade duration will depend on the size of the database (and mainly on the size of cel and queue_log tables). As an example, for a database with 9M cel and 1M queue_log, the upgrade took 4 hours (on a server with 4 CPUs and 4 Gb of RAM).
    • Asterisk database roles must correspond to the installed (old) XiVO version. Migration can fail if some table is owned by an unexpected role.
    • If there is any specific postgresql parameters (e.g. in files /etc/postgresql/9.4/postgresql.conf or or /etc/postgresql/9.4/pg_ha.conf) you MUST save them to be able to restore them after the upgrade (see note After Upgrade below).

After Upgrade


  • Outcall migration to Route:

    1. at the end of the upgrade check if there was any error during outcall migration to route:

      xivo-dcomp logs -t db | grep '\[MIGRATE_OUTCALL\].*WARNING'
    2. if yes, follow our migration guide.

  • Postgresql: postgresql service now runs inside a container. During upgrade the database was re-imported BUT NOT the postgresql configuration (i.e. parameters in file postgresql.conf). If you have any specific parameters you should add them to the postgresql container configuration as documented in the Custom database configuration section.

  • High availibility: If you have XiVO CC installed, follow the Interconnection with XiVO CC procedure to install DB Replic on the slave XiVO.

  • Asterisk HTTP server configuration security warning:


    Security warning: Asterisk HTTP server (used for WebRTC and xivo-outcall) was reconfigured to accept websocket connections from outside. See the Asterisk HTTP server documentation and ensure that the configuration is secure.

  • XDS: if you had an XDS installation you MUST remove SIP trunks added for intra-mds routing (that is the SIP trunks named default, and mdsX - e.g. mds0, mds1 …). These trunks are now generated automatically.