XiVO Callisto Intermediate Versions


Consult the 2019.04 Roadmap.


This intermediate version has the following known problems:

  • upgrade from Aldebaran won’t work,
  • you need to create a callright for outgoing call to work (it may be a ‘fake’ callright applied to nothing),
  • also, on MDS servers, you need to add the outcall service in the docker compose yml file for outgoing call to work.

Components updated: asterisk, config-mgt, xivo-agid, xivo-confd, xivo-confgend, xivo-config, xivo-dao, xivo-dird, xivo-install-script, xivo-manage-db, xivo-outcall, xivo-service, xivo-upgrade, xivo-web-interface, xivocc-installer, xucserver

Web Assistant

  • #2405 - allow to send flashtext to other connected users


  • #1440 - Remove DISABLE_WEBRTC option as it’s not needed anymore


  • #1548 - [WEBI] Affichage des numéros libres dans les appels entrants


    Behavior change Suggestions in webi are now limited to the 10 first available results

  • #2371 - Cannot create func key for agent when created with confd API (Bugfix port to callisto)


    Behavior change When creating a user using the REST API, the CTI profile is now set to a default value and the CTI client is enabled when a CTI client login and a password is set.

  • #2380 - Outcall application - check call rights

  • #2382 - Add srcnum as available information when receiving a fax

  • #2394 - Can not dial numbers with 1 digit or * + 1 digit (X OR *X) from uc assistant

  • #2395 - Database schema may not be upgraded during upgrade

  • #2396 - XDS - Remove all_mds entry from mediaserver and trunkfeatures table


    Behavior change No more possibility to define a global trunk, a trunk is by definition now attached to one MDS only. If you want a global trunk, this will now be achieved thanks to route configuration.

  • #2403 - Outcall application - routing db evolution

  • #2404 - XDS - Generate peer configuration from mediaserver list


    Behavior change It is no longer needed to add SIP peer for each MDS manually. Adding a media server is enough. When upgrading an existing MDS, you should remove manual trunk configuration for each mediaserver.

  • #2408 - Dockerize postgres and migrate database to version 11

  • #2415 - Confgend can’t generate configuration due to sqlalchemy changes for security purposes


Consult the 2019.03 Roadmap.

Components updated: asterisk, config-mgt, xivo-agid, xivo-confgend, xivo-config, xivo-dao, xivo-libsccp, xivo-manage-db, xivo-outcall, xivo-res-freeze-check, xivo-web-interface, xivocc-installer, xucmgt, xucserver


  • #2222 - Prepare Asterisk 16 with XiVO patches
  • #2388 - Disable Asterisk start during installation


  • #2372 - WebRTC - RTP flow is stopped after unhold


  • #2270 - Users groups can be located on any MDS

  • #2345 - Add site to existing webi group

  • #2346 - Migration of existing groups

  • #2347 - Generate groups configuration in confgend

  • #2348 - Allow call routing between mds groups

  • #2359 - Be able to set mds0 only for SIP Trunk configuration

  • #2361 - Generate SIP registration only for local trunks of the MDS

  • #2369 - Outcall application - schedule are checked against wrong time

  • #2370 - Outcall application - should survive to asterisk restart

  • #2376 - Outcall application - schedule to consider days and months

  • #2377 - [C] Incoming call used customized Goto call leads to user not having its ringing time take into account

  • #2378 - Set asterisk default language to fr_FR


    Behavior change Default asterisk language was set to fr_FR. In this language we have all sound files. To change it to english, one should:

    • verify that the packages asterisk-sounds-wav-en-us, xivo-sounds-en-us are installed
    • and set, in file /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf the defaultlanguage parameter to en_US
  • #2385 - Filter’s users of a group that are not on the same MDS


    Behavior change Displaying of extension identity in administration interface was changed

    from: number@context to: number@mediaserver [context]


Consult the 2019.02 Roadmap.

Components updated: config-mgt, recording-server, xivo-agid, xivo-confgend, xivo-config, xivo-dao, xivo-install-script, xivo-manage-db, xivo-provd-plugins, xivo-service, xivo-web-interface, xivocc-installer, xucmgt, xucserver


  • #2318 - Agent name is not indented in CCAgent
  • #2331 - Callbacks are removed from the list if I click again on the Callbacks view


  • #2332 - Group view is not refreshed if agent’s group changed via ccmanager
  • #2352 - [C] CCManager add callbacks count and oldest callback for monitoring purpose

Desktop Assistant

  • #2343 - Desktop assistant language is hardcoded
  • #2354 - German UI translations

Web Assistant

  • #2334 - Changing ringing device doesn’t work

XUC Server

  • #2333 - Phone status incorrect after xuc restart
  • #2342 - xuc does not re-connect to the right IP address of XiVO for the AMi
  • #2349 - When leaving an outbound queue, agent can not longer emit a call
  • #2360 - [C] - When xuc loses connection to AMI (Ami failure) ghost call may appear in user interfaces


  • #2324 - XDS - Routing should not try to call None
  • #2338 - Add column Site to SIP Trunk configuration
  • #2353 - Generate sip configuration with local trunks on a MDS
  • #2357 - Install xivo-outcall application on XiVO

XiVO Provisioning

  • #2326 - Yealink phones with v84 plugin can’t start attended transfer from CC Agent or UC Assistant

XiVOCC Infra

  • #2293 - Add NGINX configuration to access all CC services on standard ports 80/443


    Behavior change Recording server API URL was changed. It is now prefixed with recording. For example /records/search URL was changed to /recording/records/search.

  • #2294 - Generate application secret for Play apps in docker

  • #2330 - Access CC services running on multiple servers from one Fingerboard


    Behavior change

    • Fingerboard now runs inside the nginx container and the fingerboard container was removed
    • XiVO CC services are opened on URLs without port number
    • CC Assistant, CC Manager, Recording and Config Mgt open through https
    • XiVO CC services running on separate servers can be accessed from one fingerboard
    • See Nginx path distribution for details


Consult the 2019.01 Roadmap.

Components updated: xivo-agid, xivo-confd, xivo-confgend, xivo-config, xivo-db-replication, xivo-provd-plugins, xivo-provisioning, xivo-service, xivo-sysconfd, xivo-web-interface, xivocc-installer, xucmgt, xucserver


  • #2082 - Asterisk - Add a pjproject.conf file
  • #2297 - Asterisk 16 - Add a console.conf file


  • #2295 - Callbacks cannot be displayed if agent doesn’t have right on any queue that contains callback requests


  • #2286 - [C] - CCManager displays wrong logout time in Agent View

Desktop Assistant

  • #2313 - Tray icon sometimes disapears from notification bar

Web Assistant

  • #2301 - Second call Bip is not always working and global key not always working


  • #2162 - Select ringtone output media device

XUC Server

  • #2290 - Agent state not properly initialized after XUC start
  • #2312 - WebAssistant - XuC - xivo-auth User cannot toggle DND or enable/disable forward because his token doesn’t exist anymore


  • #1819 - XDS - Import or modify user line site

  • #2124 - Be able to run db_replic on both XiVO master and slave in HA

  • #2135 - Remove the non answer option “busy” which is useless for queue


    Behavior change The Busy case in the No answer tab of Groups and Queues was removed (it was not used at all).

  • #2221 - XDS - Provisionning - Being able to synchronize a device on a MDS

  • #2242 - XDS - Dial users in different context attached to a different mds fails

XiVO Provisioning

  • #2192 - Yealink - Update firmware for Yealink phones
  • #2244 - Add XiVO logo on T46 and T48 yealink phones