XiVO directories

This type of directory is used to query the users of a XiVO. On a fresh install, the local XiVO is already configured. The URI field for this type of directory should be the base URL of a xivo-confd server.

This directory type matches the xivo backend in xivo-dird.

Available fields

  • id

  • agent_id

  • line_id

  • firstname

  • lastname

  • email

  • exten

  • context

  • mobile_phone_number

  • userfield

  • description

  • voicemail_number


Adding a source


Configuration ‣ Management ‣ Directories

Configuring source access

Here is an example of a configuration where the userfield was used as a free field to store the DID number of the user and the description to store it’s location.


Services ‣ CTI Server ‣ Directories ‣ Definitions