Release Notes

Borealis (2018.16)


Known limitations: as of Borealis release these are the known limitations. These should be removed during the next bugfix releases of Borealis.

  • XiVO PBX / UC / CC is not installable or upgradable on XFS partition created without ftype=1 option. If the partition is XFS, you MUST check if the option is enabled with the xfs_info command.
  • Upgrade for XiVO CC to Debian 9 is currently not supported.


Upgrade to Borealis will upgrade your system to Debian 9 (stretch). See Debian 9 (stretch) Upgrade Notes.

Component latest ver.
config-mgt 2018.16.00
elasticsearch 1.7.2
fingerboard 2018.16.00
kibana_volume 2018.16.00
nginx 2018.16.00
pack-reporting 2018.16.00
pgxivocc 1.3
recording-rsync 1.0
recording-server 2018.16.00
spagobi 2018.16.00
xivo-db-replication 2018.16.03
xivo-full-stats 2018.16.03
XiVO PBX 2018.16.03
xuc 2018.16.03
xucmgt 2018.16.03


Consult the Borealis.03 Roadmap.

Components updated: asterisk, xivo-agid, xivo-confd, xivo-confgend, xivo-config, xivo-dao, xivo-db-replication, xivo-dist, xivo-full-stats, xivo-upgrade, xivo-web-interface, xivocc-recording, xucmgt, xucserver


  • #2143 - Asterisk crash when core show channels command is issued too early

Desktop Assistant

  • #2211 - Number display bug with too long email address
  • #2237 - Can’t update Electron application on Windows if ccagent is configured as URL


  • #1077 - Xivo replic stops replicating to elasticsearch
  • #2206 - Db replication do not retry elasticsearch connection if failing at startup
  • #2235 - [C] Agents statistic conversation_time_outgoing_calls abnormally long

Web Assistant

  • #2207 - Personal contact import on windows doesn’t work

XUC Server

  • #1895 - Agent’s call state is not correct (in ccmanager) after a xuc restart
  • #2226 - Unable to decode token message from browser when login
  • #2228 - [C] When re-provisioning user on another phone with another IP, StartCallback dials wrong line/device (Port to Borealis)
  • #2232 - When one server is down Xuc is disconnected from all AMIs


  • #2053 - xivocc-recording should be installed by default as long as is now part of webi


    Behavior change xivocc-recording package is now part of a standard xivo PBX installation

  • #2153 - MDS installer sets wrong version in sources.list at the end


    Behavior change XiVO distribution in the xivo-dist.list will not be changed after installation or upgrade.

  • #2204 - Cannot delete a user with funckeys

  • #2205 - Error when creating an incoming calls with pattern

  • #2217 - XDS - Add XDS installation and configuration documentation

  • #2219 - XDS - Incoming call (DID) to a user located on a MDS (which is not mds0) doesn’t work

  • #2225 - Do not check database activity on normal upgrade

  • #2230 - [C] fax tiff converted to pdf have a bad format, and can’t be printed


    Behavior change Upon fax reception paper format is forced to “A4” (before it was not specified).

  • #2231 - Install script uses command from non-essential package

  • #2233 - Display MDS column in users listing page


Consult the Borealis.02 Roadmap.

Components updated: xivo-agentd, xivo-amid, xivo-auth, xivo-client-qt, xivo-confd, xivo-config, xivo-ctid, xivo-dao, xivo-db-replication, xivo-dird, xivo-monitoring, xivo-tools, xivo-upgrade, xivo-web-interface, xivocc-installer, xucmgt, xucserver


Manual procedure: Bug #2155 must be fixed manually, but only if all these conditions match:

  • Your system was in Five or Polaris version before the upgrade to Borealis.
  • The system was already upgraded to Borealis - to version older than Borealis.02
  • You have XiVO CC installed
  • List of Callbacks was not empty before the upgrade
  • The Config Mgt database was already migrated by the xivo-migrate-configmgt-db script run on XiVO older than Borealis.02

To make db_replic start, you must run the following SQL command on XiVO CC and remember the returned max value:

docker exec -it -u postgres xivocc_pgxivocc_1 psql -h localhost -U xuc xuc_rights \
-c 'select max(reference_number) from callback_request;'

Then you must replace “...” in the following SQL command by the max reference number and run the command on XiVO PBX:

cd /tmp
sudo -u postgres psql asterisk -c "update replication_state
    set val=( ... )
    where name='callback_request';"

Then restart the container with command xivo-dcomp restart db_replic.


  • #2198 - Agent Outbound Call statistics is wrong


  • #2160 - Some agents don’t have any state displayed in CCManager after login
  • #2168 - [C] - Additionnal calls are counted for missed calls and offered calls stats (port to borealis)
  • #2182 - [C] Wrong linkedId in Xuc PhoneEvents

Desktop Assistant

  • #2165 - Redirection loop if wrong URL parameter in desktop assistant


  • #2105 - [C] Call to Switchboard is auto-answered without action from the XiVO Client

Web Assistant

  • #1779 - Error when importing and exporting contacts
  • #2130 - Update sbt file and migrate to play 2.4 for xucmgt
  • #2172 - migrate to play 2.6 and update to scala 2.12 for xucmgt
  • #2200 - After reload or reopen, pending voicemail message are not shown - Port to Borealis


  • #1732 - Video is lost when changing the tab and going back
  • #2177 - Media capture is not released after a call is hangup with Webrtc

XUC Server

  • #2199 - [C] - Voicemail remains in disabled state after deactivating DND (port to borealis)


  • #956 - Incall and Exten with pattern (regex)

  • #2094 - Debian 9 - Errors on Debian9 installation

  • #2120 - XiVO UC link xuc-config mgt missing although required for Borealis

  • #2141 - Monit fails while checking Rabbitmq service


    Behavior change RabbitMQ monitoring must be manually started in order to re-enable it.

  • #2155 - db_replic can’t replicate callback_request table after upgrade from Five or Polaris

  • #2156 - XiVO UC - docker logs are missing

  • #2157 - Docker overlay2 doesn’t work if the filesystem is XFS with d_type 0

  • #2163 - Test & fix physical installations

  • #2173 - Should be able to get a specific user (GET users/{user_id}) and have the user plus its agent_number

  • #2175 - xivo-stat cron sends email with sqlalchemy warning at each execution

  • #2186 - Should be able to get list of users (GET users) and have for its user its agent_number (if relevant)

XiVOCC Infra

  • #2086 - When upgrading xivocc-installer docker-xivo.override.yml files are not upgraded
  • #2145 - DB replic is misconfigured if XUC_HOST is domain name
  • #2149 - [C] UC add-on missing installation step causes assistant to not accept incoming calls or pause all established ones
  • #2180 - Update Debian PXE for Debian 9.6 release
  • #2188 - XiVO UC - Errors in xuc log when connecting to config mgt
  • #2202 - Add new Support team ssh RSA key for remote ssh connections


Consult the Borealis.01 Roadmap.

Components updated: xivo-confd, xivo-confgend, xivo-config, xivo-upgrade, xivo-web-interface, xivocc-installer, xucserver


  • #2137 - CSS Cache is not invalidated when a new version is released

XUC Server

  • #2123 - Xuc Play 2.6 Migration
  • #2132 - Xuc doesn’t connect to AMI if it starts before XiVO
  • #2142 - XucServer - Use Xivo data ip instead of voip when xivo is not configured as XDS


  • #1765 - saving a user with many funckeys is very long
  • #2110 - Upgrade of XiVO with UC addon to Debian 9 (stretch) and switch from aufs to overlay2 docker storage driver
  • #2114 - Error “Too many arguments” in xivo-upgrade log
  • #2121 - Install overlay2 docker volume driver while upgrading from Five or Polaris
  • #2134 - Be able to skip intro of echo test
  • #2150 - XiVO UC - custom.env is not updated for DB Replic if upgraded from Polaris

XiVO Provisioning

  • #2140 - Support Yealink T27G

XiVOCC Infra

  • #1151 - Be able to use Debian 9 with XiVO CC
  • #2026 - Certificate Request Error with Debian 9/Open SSL 1.1.0



System for XiVO PBX was upgraded to Debian 9 (stretch) - see Debian 9 (stretch) Upgrade Notes

New Features

  • CC Manager
    • Supervisor role has now an optional ‘Recording’ right to enable him to connect to Recording server and to manage recording from CC Manager.
    • Recording mode of queue is now displayed in the CC Manager (see Queue Recording).
    • Additional informations of the queue are displayed when clicking on a queue name in the Global view.
  • UC Assistant
  • Recording
  • System
    • System for XiVO PBX was upgraded to Debian 9 (see Debian 9 (stretch) Upgrade Notes).
    • Base docker images were updated to optimize disk space taken by a XiVO UC or XiVO CC installation.
    • Support CAS SSO Authentication. See CAS SSO Authentication Configuration.
    • When a phone device is not reachable from the Xuc server, an error is reported in the log file.

Behavior Changes

  • CC Manager
    • In CC Manager, in view Queues, column “Divert.” was renamed to “Timeout”.
  • Fax reception: upon fax reception paper format is forced to “A4” (before it was not specified).
  • Reporting
    • xivo_replic container was moved from Reporting server to XiVO PBX server and renamed db_replic.
    • content from the XiVO PBX tables is now pushed from the XiVO PBX to the Reporting server (before it was pulled from the Reporting server)
    • replication state is now stored in a replication_state table in the XiVO PBX asterisk database
  • System
    • the xucserver is now connecting to the asterisk AMI via the XiVO PBX VoIP address (the one configured as VoIP in the XiVO PBX configuration).
    • XiVO CC/UC components logrotation was changed to gzip older logs and keep 14 days of history (instead of 10).



Upgrade to Borealis will upgrade your system to Debian 9 (stretch). See Debian 9 (stretch) Upgrade Notes.

Follow the usual procedures (don’t forget the specific steps to upgrade to another LTS version - see Manual steps for LTS upgrade):

Features & bugfixes list

Consult the Borealis Roadmap and the Borealis.00 Roadmap.

Components updated: config-mgt, play-authentication, xivo-agid, xivo-confgend, xivo-config, xivo-ctid, xivo-dao, xivo-install-script, xivo-lib-rest-client, xivo-manage-db, xivo-service, xivo-sysconfd, xivo-upgrade, xivo-web-interface, xivocc-installer, xucmgt, xucserver

Config mgt

  • #2116 - Queue recording events are not received in CCmanager when toggling recording switch

Desktop Assistant

  • #2027 - No call notification with Desktop Application on Windows10 (Windows 10 16299.19)


  • #2118 - Db replication fails to insert callback requests

Web Assistant

  • #2068 - UC Assistant - Phone Conference button are misaligned
  • #2119 - Personal contact not translated in history


  • #2008 - Add visual indication of audio streams for WebRTC calls

XUC Server

  • #1999 - XDS - (UC) Update Phone Status from Asterisk and send ami request to all MDS
  • #2078 - Call can’t be answered with Polycom from CCAgent or Assistant
  • #2080 - Finish Play 2.5 Migration
  • #2103 - Remove Test Warnings in Play 2.5


  • #1573 - Online call recording does not appear in web interface
  • #2016 - Cannot call a queue if Config-mgt is not started
  • #2107 - Unable to answer call as switchboard on Polycom
  • #2109 - Upgrade fails from Aldebaran with apt get option AutomaticRemove to true
  • #2112 - Update pyopenssl version in lib rest client to 16.2.0
  • #2113 - Add next LTS codename in list of named distributions of xivo-dist

XiVO Distributed System

  • #2006 - XDS - Generate configuration for a MDS
  • #2079 - XDS - Unable to call from a WebRTC User
  • #2081 - XDS - Routing agi breaks dialplan when call is emitted by SCCP peer
  • #2087 - XDS - On MDS xivo-service script does not work properly
  • #2093 - XDS - Be able to route calls depending on the MDS of the peer
  • #2111 - Update MDS install to be independent on APT system options
  • #2115 - Music on hold is not installed when installing from script (xivo or mds)


  • #2089 - Update PXE to install Debian 9 for Borealis > 2018.13