Release Notes

Aldebaran (2018.LTS3)

Component latest ver.
config-mgt 2018.05.02
elasticsearch 1.7.2
fingerboard 2018.05.00
kibana_volume 2018.05.00
nginx 2018.05.00
pack-reporting 2018.05.00
pgxivocc 1.3
recording-rsync 1.0
recording-server 2018.05.02
spagobi 2018.05.00
xivo-db-replication 2018.05.00
xivo-full-stats 2018.05.00
XiVO PBX 2018.05.02
xuc 2018.05.02
xucmgt 2018.05.02



Bugfix release. See Aldebaran.00 section for features list and behavior changes.

Consult the Aldebaran.02 Roadmap.

Components updated: config-mgt, recording-server, xivo-dist, xucmgt, xucserver


  • #1801 - Cannot remove activity from favorites when showQueueControls is not set
  • #1834 - Be able to use XUC API from xucmgt 3rd party app


  • #1776 - Call Qualifications: export as csv

Config mgt

  • #1828 - Disable PlayFramework CSRF protection for REST API request with X-Auth-Token


  • #1787 - As supervisor I don’t see disk space usage
  • #1789 - Recording disk usage is inverted in log
  • #1823 - Cannot use recording control on web agent during an outgoing call or incoming call
  • #1832 - Recording call status is not always reported on acd outbound calls


  • #1795 - Queue statistic conversation_time abnormally long


  • #1806 - Null ‘key’ argument while displaying queue report in SpagoBI

Web Assistant

  • #1799 - UC assistant should not allow to hold second call if one is already holded

XUC Server

  • #1817 - Channel vars not propagated from queue to agent
  • #1833 - Connected line number and name is not always correct


  • #1794 - Add borealis in the named distribution of xivo-dist



Bugfix release. See Aldebaran.00 section for features list and behavior changes.

Consult the Aldebaran.01 Roadmap.

Components updated: recording-server

  • #1777 - Angular controller load issue on “controle d’enregistrement” tab on the recording server



LTS Release. Below are listed the features, bugfixes and behavior changes.

Consult the Aldebaran.00 Roadmap.


Aldebaran is the new LTS release of XiVO Solutions, below is a summary of the New Features and Behavior Changes compared to the previous LTS version, Polaris.

New Features

  • XiVO administration web interface has been revamped to make it lighter and more responsive.
  • UC assistant can handle conferences with features such as showing participants, including a visual indicator to show who is talking. Added also possibility to Mute/Unmute/Kick participants if you’re an organizer of the conference.
  • Personal contacts can be managed now from UC assistant. Possibility to add/edit/delete/import your own contacts from the application (see Personal contacts).

Behavior Changes

  • Transfers:
    • It is now the forwarded user outgoing caller id which is used as the presentation number for its forwarded call.
    • It is now the forwarded user call rights which are applied to his forwarded call.
  • System
    • config-mgt is no longer part of the CC solutions but is coupled directly with XiVO PBX. An automatic redirection is done from old URL. Service is visible both from XiVO webi and is part of the xivo-service status list.

Features & bugfixes list

Components updated: config-mgt, recording-server, xivo, xivo-auth, xivo-db-replication, xivo-dist, xivo-install-script, xivo-manage-db, xivo-monitoring, xivo-service, xivo-solutions-doc, xivo-web-interface, xivocc-installer, xucmgt, xucserver


  • #1769 - Rename statistics “Total” on ccmanager

Config mgt

  • #1758 - ConfigMgt status in XiVO when restart is inactive(dead) whereas the docker is running


  • #1085 - Recording space alert when limit reached

  • #1750 - Stop Recording on external transfer


    Behavior change Recording will now be stopped upon external transfer of an incoming call. That is if two external parties are bridged together (after a transfer for example), the recording will be stopped. See Stop recording upon external transfer.


  • #1768 - Replicate call qualification configuration

Web Assistant

  • #1654 - Import/export a personal contact list
  • #1657 - Name of the personal contact from my call history
  • #1658 - Name of the personal contact in current call
  • #1720 - Control my own microphone in a conference room
  • #1728 - FavoriteUpdated event is not handled anymore once a personal contact is created
  • #1735 - Mute/UnMute a participant in conference
  • #1736 - Kick a participant in a conference
  • #1771 - Updated name of the personal contact in call history


  • #731 - [Doc] WebRTC route call when not connected

XUC Server

  • #1773 - Add call qualifications interface to xucserver


  • #1741 - Add configmgt webservice to configure call qualification options in the queue WebI section

  • #1745 - Include Config Mgt in XiVO UC


    Behavior change Docker bridge network were changed - from to for XiVO UC - from to for Config Mgt

  • #1752 - Incomprehensible error message when creating a conference with Organizer pin code without Pin code on general tab

  • #1757 - Get token from xivo-auth to be used by configmgt

  • #1763 - Configure call qualification options in the queue WebI section

XiVOCC Infra

  • #1726 - xivo-docker does not upgrade docker-compose if it already exists