Upgrade Borealis to Callisto

In this section is listed the manual steps to do when migrating from Borealis to Callisto.


Upgrade to Callisto:

  • Postgres database will be updated from 9.4 to version 11 during upgrade.
  • Asterisk will be updated from 13 to version 16 during upgrade.
  • IAX trunks are no longer supported

Before Upgrade


  • Postgres upgrade:
    • Your database MUST be in locale fr_FR.UTF-8 or en_US.UTF-8. Otherwise upgrade won’t be possible. If your database is not in this locale you must first change it as documented here.
    • Old configuration parameters (e.g. in files /etc/postgresql/9.4/postgresql.conf or or /etc/postgresql/9.4/pg_ha.conf) will be saved in during the upgrade in folder /var/tmp/xivo-migrate-db-94-to-11/postgresql-94-conf-backup/ (see note After Upgrade below).

After Upgrade


  • Outcall migration to Route:

    1. at the end of the upgrade check if there was any error during outcall migration to route:

      zgrep '\[MIGRATE_OUTCALL\].*WARNING' /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-11-main.log*
    2. if yes, follow our migration guide.

  • Postgresql: postgresql service now runs inside a container. During the upgrade the postgresql configuration WAS NOT migrated (i.e. parameters in file postgresql.conf or connection authorizations in file pg_hba.conf). But the old configuration was saved during upgrade in folder /var/tmp/xivo-migrate-db-94-to-11/postgresql-94-conf-backup/

    • postgresql.conf: if you have any specific parameters you should add them to the postgresql container configuration as documented in the Custom database configuration section.
  • pg_hba.conf: specific authorization (for XiVO CC …) MUST be added again to new pg_hba.conf file (now located in /var/lib/postgresql/11/main/pg_hba.conf). Follow the instrcutions below depending on your installation:

    • (XiVO CC) If you have XiVO CC installed, add this entry for xuc connection:

      host    asterisk      all      XIVOCC_IP_ADDRESS/32      md5
    • (XDS) Add entries for every Media Server:

      host    asterisk      all      MDS_IP_ADDRESS/32         md5
    • (High Availability) On slave XiVO, add entry for replication from master:

      host    asterisk    postgres   XIVO_MASTER_VOIP_IP/32   trust
    • (XiVO) If you changed the xivo docker network (in factory.env), add this entry:

      host    all         all        XIVO_DOCKER_NETWORK/NETMASK  md5
    • Apply the settings by command xivo-dcomp reload-db. It will not restart db container despite the message “Killing xivo_db_1”.

  • High availibility: If you have XiVO CC installed, follow the Interconnection with XiVO CC procedure to install DB Replic on the slave XiVO.

  • Asterisk HTTP server configuration security warning:


    Security warning: Asterisk HTTP server (used for WebRTC and xivo-outcall) was reconfigured to accept websocket connections from outside. See the Asterisk HTTP server documentation and ensure that the configuration is secure.

  • XDS: if you had an XDS installation you MUST remove SIP trunks added for intra-mds routing (that is the SIP trunks named default, and mdsX - e.g. mds0, mds1 …). These trunks are now generated automatically.


  • dahdi-modules: after upgrade, remove old dahdi-linux-modules, which were replaced by dahdi-linux-dkms:

    apt-get purge '^dahdi-linux-modules*' -y
  • Run xivo-remove-postgres-94 after dist-upgrade to remove postgres 9.4.

  • Postgresql: check /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-11-main.log for specific upgrade steps