Group Pickup

Pickup groups allow users to intercept calls directed towards other users of the group. This is done either by dialing a special extension or by pressing a function key.

Quick Summary

In order to be able to use group pickup you have to:
  • Create a pickup group

  • Enable an extension to intercept calls

  • Add a function key to interceptors

Creating a Pickup Group

Pickup groups can be created in the Services ‣ IPBX ‣ Call management ‣ Call pickups page.

In the general tab, you can define a name and a description for the pickup group. In the Interceptors tab, you can define a list of users, groups or queues that can intercept calls. In the Intercepted tab, you can define a list of users, groups or queues that can be intercepted.


Enabling an Interception Extension

The pickup extension can be defined in the Services ‣ IPBX ‣ IPBX services ‣ Extensions page.

The extension used by group pickup is called Group interception it’s default value is *8.


The extension must be enabled even if a function key is used.

Adding a Function Key to an Interceptor

To assign a function to an interceptor, go to Services ‣ IPBX ‣ IPBX settings ‣ Users, edit an interceptor and go to the Func Keys tab.

Add a new function key of type Group Interception and save.