Exposing Mattermost


Experimental Feature

  • this is Work In Progress

  • this is not for production use

  • no support will be provided for this feature


The goal of this feature is to be able for users to use Mattermost embedded in XiVO UC/CC solutions.

Work in Progress

  • Expose Mattermost from docker configuration

  • Have a XiVO theme installed automatically

  • Be able to be auto-logged Cti users inside Mattermost once connected to UC Assistant or Switchboard

  • Be able to receive chat messages on any chat client connected (UC or Mattermost)


To enable the access to embedded Mattermost you need to have as prerequisite xivo-chat-backend package installed (see Chat Backend).

  • Allow port 8000 to be exposed in docker

    Edit your docker compose file (/etc/docker/compose/docker-xivo-chat-backend.yml) and change the configuration of the mattermost container:

      - 8000:8000
  • Launch xivocc-dcomp up -d to make the port accessible

  • Run script /var/lib/xivo-chat-backend/scripts/xivo-mattermost-theme-install.sh to install XiVO theme for users

  • (Option) You may want to disable Chat in UC assistant if not needed anymore - see Disabling chat in UC Assistant and Switchboard section

The Mattermost is then available http://xivo_uc:8000.


You can can connect as admin with associated password found in /etc/docker/compose/custom.env file.


  • Currently there is no integration at all between XiVO users and Mattermost, if you want to use Mattermost as a chat solution, it is recommended to create your own team and create different users in Mattermost.