Media Server Uninstallation

This procedure is to remove a media server permanently.


  1. Disassociate all Users/Groups/SIP Trunk from the Media server you want to remove (remove these objects or associate them to another MDS),

  2. Then remove the media server from XDS by removing it from webi (if needed refer to related sections in XiVO Configuration):

    • remove the media server in Configuration -> Management -> Media Servers
    • remove the corresponding template line in Configuration -> Provisioning -> Template Line
  3. Clean connection permissions from all places and apply new configuration (see related sections in XiVO Configuration):

    • in AMI configuration
    • in Postgres conf (pg_hba.conf)
    • and in SMTP conf if applicable
  4. And remove replication slot on XiVO Main server. Connect to postgres database find the correct replication slot and drop it:

    select * from pg_replication_slots;
    select pg_drop_replication_slot('slot_name');

On Media Server

Only reinstallation is supported.

Media Server Reinstallation


All settings can remain if they are still valid - if the new media server has the same name and IP as a previous (for example crashed) media server.

On Media Server

If the mds install script failed with error, you can re-run it.

But to fully reinstall media server, you need to reinstall xivo-mds-installer package and recreate database on the media server.

  • Uninstall MDS:

    xivo-service stop all
    apt purge xivo-mds-installer
    rm -rf /var/lib/postgresql/11
  • Reinstall MDS: the custom.env will be recreated with new values:

    apt install xivo-mds-installer
    xivo-service start all
    xivo-dcomp up -d

At the end you need also to reinstall the XiVO Main ssh public key for File Synchronization:

XIVO_HOST=$(grep XIVO_HOST /etc/docker/mds/custom.env | awk -F "=" '/1/ {print $2}')
mkdir -p /root/.ssh
wget https://$XIVO_HOST/ssh-key --no-check-certificate -O /root/.ssh/
cat /root/.ssh/ >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
apt install -y rsync