The XiVO Centralized User Management (XCU) upgrade.

Prepare sources list

Before upgrading you have to create or change your sources list. It should be located in the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xivo-dist.list.

Set sources list for upgrade to latest version

To upgrade to the latest version the sources list must point towards debian URI and xivo-polaris suite:

deb http://mirror.xivo.solutions/debian/ xivo-polaris main

Set sources list for upgrade to specific version

To upgrade to a specific version the sources list must point towards archive URI and xivo-VERSION-latest suite.

For example if you want to upgrade to 2017.11 version you should have:

deb http://mirror.xivo.solutions/archive/ xivo-2017.11-latest main

Note the /archive/ and -2017.11-latest above.

Upgrade steps

Preparing the upgrade

Read Release Notes starting from your version to the version you target.


When you have checked the sources.list you can upgrade:

  1. Execute with the following commands:

    apt-get update
    apt-get install gcu-installer
  2. If are using postgresql installed using sources from Postgresql Wiki, upgrading gcu-installer may trigger installing new version of PostgreSQL (in parallel to curent one). Suggested action is to disable this new version. If for example GCU use postgresql 9.5 and new version 9.6 was added:

    • stop postgresql 9.6 manually by: service postgresql stop 9.6
    • disable postgresql 9.6 autostart: in /etc/postgresql/9.6/main/start.conf replace auto with disabled
    • ensure postgresql 9.5 is running by: service postgresql start 9.5
  3. Download the new images:

    docker-compose -p icdu -f /etc/docker/compose/icdu.yml pull
  4. And run the new container (All XCU services will be restarted):

    docker-compose -p icdu -f /etc/docker/compose/icdu.yml up -d


Please, ensure your server date is correct before starting. If system date differs too much from correct date, you may get an authentication error preventing download of the docker images.

Upgrade from versions before 2017.06

If you installed GCU version older than 2017.06, you can upgrade it by following Installation instructions. Further instructions and notices:

  1. It is strongly recommended you backup your PostgreSQL icx database and SSH keys before proceeding.
  2. Installation will install new version of configuration files (like /etc/docker/compose/icdu.yml). If some file already exists with different content, you be prompted to choose correctly version or merge differences. Unless you are sure you need special version, use choice: install the package maintainer’s version.
  3. Installation will reuse your SSH certificate stored in /etc/docker/interface-centralisee/ssh_key if exists.
  4. Installation will reuse PostgreSQL user icx if exists - make sure it has password icx and access to database icx.
  5. Installation will reuse PostgreSQL database icx if exists.

Check carefully output of apt-get install gcu-installer, you will be informed about each component reused and about any manual checks or actions needed, if necessary.