Upgrade Five to Polaris

In this section are listed the manual steps to do when migrating from Five to Polaris.

Before Upgrade


Follow the Upgrade page.


The xivo-solutions-VERSION no longer exists. The xivocc-installer package is now located in xivo-VERSION distribution. You have to update your source list accordingly.

  1. Remove apt source list file:

    rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xivo-solutions.list
  2. Add new source list file:

    echo "deb http://mirror.xivo.solutions/debian xivo-polaris main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xivo-dist.list

After Upgrade


  • Accept new cel.conf: if you are asked by xivo-upgrade installer, you must choose to replace the cel.conf file or ensure that its content correspond to these defaults.

  • Finish to remove xivo-ctid-ng and xivo-websocketd:

    apt-get purge xivo-websocketd xivo-ctid-ng
  • Add writetimeout parameter to the the /etc/asterisk/manager.d/02-xivocc.conf file:

    secret = ...
    deny = ...
    permit = ...
    read = ...
    write = ...
    writetimeout = 10000
  • You MUST update:

    • Snom phones to use plugin version >=2.2 to be able to use CTI Transfer (UC Assistant or CCAgent),

    • Yealink phones to use plugin with v81 firmware to be able to use CTI Transfer (UC Assistant or CCAgent).

  • The WebRTC call limit was raised to 2 (to enable transfers). The simultcalls parameter of a WebRTC user should be set to 2 also.


  • Update new fingerboard:

    xivocc-dcomp stop fingerboard
    docker rm xivocc_fingerboard_1
    xivocc-dcomp up -d
  • SpagoBI:

    • Import new reports as described in SpagoBI post install step

    • Then, you should also remove old sample reports:

      • Go to Reports menu and delete all reports which are located under Racine -> Sample

      • Once all reports are deleted inside these folder you can go to Functionalities Management menu as shown in following screenshot:

      • From here, you can delete empty folders by clicking on it

      • At the end you should have a report folder list, that contains only Rapports and Accueil folder as seen here (unless you have some specific customer report):