XiVOCC Recording upgrade procedure


Since 2017.03.02, xivo-recording and call-recording-filtering packages are deprecated and are replaced by package xivocc-recording. This page describe the upgrade procedure (for feature description, see here).

xivo-recording and call-recording-filtering packages are deprecated and they were uninstalled, but not purged from your XiVO PBX during the upgrade.

You now have to follow this manual procedure:


This has to be done on XiVO PBX

  1. Configure xivocc-recording package (when ask, take care to enter same IP for Recording server and same XiVO PBX name as in previous configuration):

  2. Update all the different locations where the old xivo-incall-recording or xivo-outcall-recording subroutines were called.

    For queues, you must remove the subroutines and activate recording by checkbox, see Enable recording in the Queue configuration.

    For other objects, change them to call the new xivocc-incall-recording or xivocc-outcall-recording subroutines:

    1. in file /etc/xivo/asterisk/xivo_globals.conf
    2. in Custom dialplan
    3. per object

    See Enable recording via subroutines for details.

  3. If you made specific recording subroutines you should also compare files /etc/asterisk/extensions_extra.d/xivo-recording.conf and /etc/asterisk/extensions_extra.d/xivocc-recording.conf and transfer all custom changes to the new xivocc-recording.conf.

  4. If there are some audio files in the failed directory of previous installation you should move them:

    mv /var/spool/xivo-recording/failed/*.wav /var/spool/xivocc-recording/failed/
  5. When you’re done, test that recording still works. Test that files are recorded, correctly sent to Recording server (see /var/log/xivocc-recording/replication.log), correctly displayed in the Recording server interface,

  6. If it works correctly, you should purge deprecated packages with (take care, it will remove the package and all associated configuration files):

    apt-get purge xivo-recording call-recording-filtering