Default configuration for France


This option was introduced in 2017.01 version.

During the wizard you can choose to apply a default configuration for France : see Wizard configuration step. This option introduce a set of default parameters that will be useful particularly for a XiVO PBX installed in France.

The default parameters configured are listed in the sections below.

Default SIP parameters

In Services -> IPBX -> General settings -> SIP Protocol the following parameters are changed:

  • for call presentation (in tab Default):
    • Trust the Remote-Party-ID is set to Yes
    • Send the Remote-Party-ID is set to PAI
  • for codecs order (in tab Signaling): G.711 A-law > G.722 > G.729A > H.264 is the default order.

Outgoing call rules

A set of default outgoing call rules according to the French numbering plan is set up by default. In Services -> IPBX -> Call management -> Outgoing calls two outgoing call rules are defined:

  1. sortants-france: pattern for french numbering plan numbers,
  2. urgences-france: pattern for french emergency numbers.


For these outgoing call rules, a ‘void’ cutomized trunk named ‘Local/template_a_changer’ is defined. This one must be deleted or modified according to your configuration.

Right call rules

Also, a set of right call is predefined according to the set of outgoing call rules. In Services -> IPBX -> Call management -> Call permissions you will find the following preconfigured right call group:

Name [1] Action Description
national Allow Patterns for national numbers.
urgences Allow Patterns for emergency numbers.
mobiles Allow Patterns for mobile numbers.
numeros-a-valeur-ajoutee Allow Patterns for services numbers.
international Allow Patterns for international numbers.
refuser-tout Allow Patterns for all.
[1]this name can be used when importing users. See Call permissions section in User import.

Default template device

The ‘Default config device’ template (in Configuration -> Provisioning -> Template device) has preconfigured language and time zone.