Upgrading XDS

Upgrading an XDS implies upgrading all components:

XiVO Server Upgrade

  1. Stop all services (xivo-service stop all) on Media Servers linked to your XiVO Main
  2. Perform the upgrade as documented in Upgrade section

Media Server Upgrade


  • This procedure must be done on all media servers belonging to the upgraded XDS.
  • Before upgrading a MDS, the MDS Main must be fully upgraded

The upgrade process requires to run the following command on a shell prompt on each media server.

  1. Switch version using xivo-dist utility and specifying the LTS or specific version you want to upgrade to. For example:

    xivo-dist xivo-deneb
  2. Update package list:

    apt-get update
  3. Stop all services:

    xivo-service stop all
  4. Update configuration files:

    apt-get install xivo-config xivo-dist
  5. Start updating the packages:

    apt-get dist-upgrade
  6. Download new docker images:

    xivo-dcomp pull
  7. Update and run containers:

    xivo-dcomp up -d --remove-orphans
  8. Start the remaining services:

    xivo-service start