WebRTC Environment

One can use WebRTC with XiVO PBX and XiVO CC in the following environment:

  • LAN network (currently no support for WAN environment),
  • with the:
    • UC Assistant or CC Agent with Chrome browser version 57 or later
    • or Desktop Application


The requirements are:

  • to have a microphone and headphones for your PC,
  • to configure your XiVO PBX:
  • have a SSL/TLS certificate signed by a certification authority installed on the nginx of XiVO CC (see: Signed SSL/TLS certificate for WebRTC),
  • and use https:
    • UC Assistant: you must connect to the UC Assistant via https protocol,
    • Desktop Application: you must check Protocol -> Secure in the application parameters.


Currently you can not have a user configured for both WebRTC and a phone set at the same time.


Known limitation are :

  • Voice may not be able to hear if your computer have more than 4 network interfaces up at the same time (this can happen if you use virtualization)


To check if you have more than 4 network interfaces you can type following command:
ls /sys/class/net
Then just use:
ifdown <ifname>
This will switch off network interface not required to make your call.