XiVOcc Installation Troubleshooting

In order for the XiVOcc components to be fully functional, some customizations need to be done on the XiVOcc and the XiVO PBX.

This page can help to check that all the correct customization have been done by the installation package.

For the rest of this page we well make the following assumptions: - XiVO PBX has the IP - XiVO CC has the IP


Refer to the Architecture & Flows diagram.

Check XiVOcc Configuration

Check the prerequisites

  • the OS must be Debian 11 (Bullseye), 64 bit,

  • Docker must be installed,

  • Docker-compose must be installed,

  • the XiVO PBX must be reachable on the network.

Check ntp installation

The XiVO CC server and the XiVO server must be synchronized to the same source NTP source.

Check Logrotate configuration

A file /etc/logrotate.hourly/docker-container must be present which should log rotate files /var/lib/docker/containers/*/*.log

You can test it with logrotate -fv /etc/logrotate.hourly/docker-container. You should get some output and a new log file with suffix [CONTAINER ID]-json.log.1 should be created. This file is compressed in next rotation cycle.

Check Docker compose

  • No alias for docker-compose should be defined. The following command should return “OK”:

    alias |grep -E 'docker-compose|dcomp' || echo "OK"
  • The version of the docker images in the file /etc/docker/compose/docker-xivocc.yml must be in the form ${XIVOCC_TAG}.${XIVOCC_DIST} and these variables must be set in the /etc/docker/compose/factory.env file:

        image: xivoxc/xivo-full-stats:${XIVOCC_TAG}.${XIVOCC_DIST}
        image: xivoxc/xuc:${XIVOCC_TAG}.${XIVOCC_DIST}

Check the services

The list of the services launched should look like :

# xivocc-dcomp ps
           Name                         Command               State                        Ports
xivocc_elasticsearch_1      /usr/local/bin/docker-entr ...   Up   >9200/tcp,>9300/tcp
xivocc_kibana_1             /usr/local/bin/dumb-init - ...   Up   >5601/tcp
xivocc_logstash_1           /usr/local/bin/docker-entr ...   Up   >5044/tcp, 9600/tcp
xivocc_pack_reporting_1     /bin/sh -c echo "WEEKS_TO_ ...   Up
xivocc_pgxivocc_1           docker-entrypoint.sh postgres    Up   >5432/tcp
xivocc_recording_rsync_1    /usr/local/sbin/run-rsync.sh     Up   >873/tcp
xivocc_recording_server_1   bin/recording-server-docker      Up   >9000/tcp
xivocc_spagobi_1            /bin/sh -c /root/start.sh        Up   >8080/tcp
xivocc_xivo_stats_1         /usr/local/bin/start.sh /o ...   Up
xivocc_mattermost_1         /entrypoint.sh mattermost        Up (healthy)   8000/tcp
xivocc_nginx_1              /bin/sh -c /bin/bash -c "e ...   Up   >443/tcp,>80/tcp,
xivocc_xuc_1                bin/xuc_docker                   Up   >9000/tcp
xivocc_xucmgt_1             bin/xucmgt_docker                Up   >9000/tcp

Check the XiVO PBX

Check PostgreSQL configuration

  • Connection from the XiVO CC for user asterisk must be authorized. See file /var/lib/postgresql/11/main/pg_hba.conf which must contain a line:

    host asterisk all md5
  • A user stats must exists. Use command \dg in psql.

Check AMI configuration

  • A xuc user must be configured in the file /etc/asterisk/manager.d/02-xivocc.conf

  • The command:

    asterisk -rx "manager show user xuc"

must show the user.

CEL Configuration

The correct events must be activated in the file /etc/asterisk/cel.conf:

enable = yes
apps = dial,park,queue

enabled = yes

Check CTI configuration

In Services ‣ IPBX ‣ Users a user the must be created with the following parameters:

  • CTI login : xuc

  • CTI password : <randomly generated password>

  • Profile supervisor

Check WS configuration

In Configuration ‣ Web Services Access a user must be created with the following parameters :

  • Login : xivows

  • Password : xivows

  • Host :

Check ACD configuration

In Services ‣ Ipbx ‣ Advanced configuration make sure Multiqueues call stats sharing is checked.

Check the phone integration

Verify that the phone configuration where customized as detailed in Required configuration for phone integration.

Check the recording

The package xivocc-recording must be installed on XiVO PBX (see Recording) and configured (see Recording).