Phonebook directories

This type of directory source is the internal phonebook of a XiVO. The URI field is the one used to query the phonebook.

This directory type matches the phonebook backend in xivo-dird.

Available fields

General phone book section

These fields are set in the General tab of the phone book.

  • phonebook.description

  • phonebook.displayname


  • phonebook.firstname

  • phonebook.fullname (this value is automatically generated as “<firstname> <lastname>”, e.g. “John Doe”)

  • phonebook.lastname

  • phonebook.society

  • phonebook.title

  • phonebook.url

Phone numbers

These are the different phone numbers that are available

  • phonebooknumber.fax.number

  • phonebooknumber.home.number



  • phonebooknumber.other.number


Each configured address can be accessed

Address uses the following syntax phonebookaddress.[location].[field], e.g.


  • home

  • office

  • other


  • address1

  • address2

  • city

  • country

  • state

  • zipcode


Adding a source


Configuration ‣ Management ‣ Directories

URI : http://localhost/service/ipbx/json.php/private/pbx_services/phonebook

Configuring source access

Default phonebook is set in Directories ‣ Definitions ‣ xivodir.


Services ‣ CTI Server ‣ Directories ‣ Definitions