CSV File directories

The source file of the directory must be in CSV format. You will be able to choose the headers and the separator in the next steps. For example, the file will look like:

mr|Emmett|Brown|Brown Emmett|DMC|5555551234|emmet.brown@dmc.example.com

This directory type matches the csv backend in xivo-dird.

For file directories, the Direct match and the Match reverse directories must be filled with the name of the column used to match entries.

Available fields

Available fields are the one’s contained in the CSV file.



mr|Emmett|Brown|Brown Emmett|DMC|5555551234|emmet.brown@dmc.example.com
ms|Alice|Wonderland|Wonderland Alice|DMC|5555551235|alice.wonderland@dmc.example.com

Adding a source


Configuration ‣ Management ‣ Directories

Configuring source access


Services ‣ CTI Server ‣ Directories ‣ Definitions