xivo-upgrade script



  • You can’t use xivo-upgrade if you have not run the wizard yet

  • Upgrading from a version prior to XiVO PBX 1.2 is not supported.

  • When upgrading XiVO, you must also upgrade all associated XiVO Clients. There is currently no retro-compatibility on older XiVO PBX Client versions.

This script will update XiVO PBX and restart all services.

There are 2 options you can pass to xivo-upgrade:

  • -d to only download packages without installing them. This will still upgrade the package containing xivo-upgrade and xivo-service.

  • -f to force upgrade, without asking for user confirmation

xivo-upgrade uses the following environment variables:



When upgrading XiVO, if you encounter problems related to the system locale, see PostgreSQL localization errors.


If xivo-upgrade fails or aborts in mid-process, the system might end up in a faulty condition. If in doubt, run the following command to check the current state of xivo’s firewall rules:

iptables -nvL

If, among others, it displays something like the following line (notice the DROP and 5060):

0     0 DROP       udp  --  *      *             udp dpt:5060

Then your XiVO will not be able to register any SIP phones. In this case, you must delete the DROP rules with the following command:

iptables -D INPUT -p udp --dport 5060 -j DROP

Repeat this command until no more unwanted rules are left.