Asterisk HTTP server

Asterisk HTTP server is used for WebRTC and xivo-outcall.


Security warning: Asterisk HTTP server is configured to accept websocket connections from outside. You must ensure that the configuration is secure.

  • ARI connection must be secured. Open file /etc/asterisk/ari.conf and check if the default password Nasheow8Eag was changed. If not, change it:

    • Generate a password (e.g. with pwgen -s 16)

    • replace:

      password = Nasheow8Eag


      password = <YOUR_GENERATED_PASSWORD>
  • Open file /etc/asterisk/http.conf and check if bindaddr option is set to (to accept outside websocket connections).

  • You should also secure (e.g. via an external firewall) access to the asterisk HTTP server (which listens on port 5039).

WebSocket connection limit

By default, asterisk HTTP server has a limit of 100 websocket connections. You can change this limit in the /etc/asterisk/http.conf file:


Restart XiVO PBX services to apply the new settings:

xivo-service restart