Interconnect XiVO with a known SIP Provider

Connection to global telephony network can be configured automatically in this version of XiVO. For instructions how to configure it manually, see Interconnect XiVO with any VoIP provider.


This is a premium feature that is not included in XiVO and is not freely available. To enable it, please contact XiVO.Solutions customer support.


The SIP provider configuration can be applied from the SIP provider page.


On this page, you will not see all the settings that will be applied, but only those that must be personalised.


These settings will apply when you save the form:

  • SIP trunk with the settings required by the provider will be created

  • Data entered to the form will be included in the trunk

  • If it is required by the provider, other XiVO settings will be changed. These settings can’t be reverted by removing the trunk


  • Open SIP Provider page from menu Services ‣ IPBX ‣ Trunk management ‣ SIP Provider

  • Choose provider

  • Fill up the form

  • Save

  • Some manual steps may be required to complete the configuration