CSV User Import

Users and common related resources can be imported onto a XiVO server by sending a CSV file with a predefined set of fields.

This page only documents additional notes useful for API users.

Uploading files

Files may be uploaded as usual through the web interface, or from a console by using HTTP utilities and the REST API. When uploading through the API, the header Content-Type: text/csv charset=utf-8 must be set and the CSV data must be sent in the body of the request. A file may be uploaded using curl as follows:

curl -k -H "Content-Type: text/csv; charset=utf-8" -u username:password --data-binary "@file.csv" https://xivo:9486/1.1/users/import

The response can be reindented in a more readable format by piping the output through python -m json.tool in the following way:

curl (...) | python -m json.tool