XiVOCC Recording upgrade procedure


Since 2017.03.02, xivo-recording and call-recording-filtering packages are deprecated and are replaced by package xivocc-recording. This page describe the upgrade procedure (for feature description, see here).

xivo-recording and call-recording-filtering packages are deprecated, but they were not uninstalled from your XiVO PBX during the upgrade.

You now have to follow this manual procedure:


This has to be done on XiVO PBX

  1. Install new xivocc-recording package:

    apt-get install xivocc-recording
  2. Configure xivocc-recording package (when ask, take care to enter same IP for Recording server and same XiVO PBX name as in previous configuration):

  3. Update all the different locations where the old xivo-incall-recording or xivo-outcall-recording subroutines were called and change them to now call the new xivocc-incall-recording or xivocc-outcall-recording subroutines:

    1. either in file /etc/xivo/asterisk/xivo_globals.conf
    2. or in Custom dialplan
  4. If you made specific recording subroutines you should also compare files /etc/asterisk/extensions_extra.d/xivo-recording.conf and /etc/asterisk/extensions_extra.d/xivocc-recording.conf and transfer all custom changes to the new xivocc-recording.conf.

  5. If there are some audio files in the failed directory of previous installation you should move them:

    mv /var/spool/xivo-recording/failed/*.wav /var/spool/xivocc-recording/failed/
  6. When you’re done test that recording still works. Test that files are recorded, correctly sent to Recording server (see /var/log/xivocc-recording/replication.log), correctly displayed in the Recording server interface,

  7. If it works correctly, you should remove deprecated packages with (take care, it will remove the package and all associated configuration files):

    apt-get purge xivo-recording call-recording-filtering