Xuc Xivo Unified Communication Framework

Xuc is an application suite developed by Avencall Group, based on several free existing components including XiVO, and our own developments to provide communication services api and application to businesses. Xuc is build on Play using intensively Akka and written in Scala

XiVO is free software. Most of its distinctive components, and Xuc as a whole, are distributed under the LGPLv3 license.

Xuc is providing

  • Javascript API
  • Web services
  • Sample application
  • Simple agent application
  • Simple unified communication application pratix
  • Contact center supervision
  • Contact center statistics

The proposed applications are available in English and French. The list of preferred langs sent by the browser is analyzed and the first known lang is used, so if the browser requests it, en and fr the page will be server in en. The fallback language is French. Contributions are welcome, start with opening an issue on gitlab project page.

Xuc is composed of 3 modules

  • The server module
  • The core module
  • The statistic module.