XDS Architecture

The following diagram presents the XDS architecture with:

  • one XiVO Main

  • one CTI / Reporting Server (XiVO CC)

  • and three MDS


As you can see:

  • each MDS and the Main are linked together via an internal SIP trunk (the yellow lines) - via the VoIP IP Address of the MDS

  • the xuc components of the CTI / Reporting Server is connected to each MDS AMI - via the VoIP IP Address of the MDS

Database Replication

Database replication is employed by the mds to receive replicated data from XiVO Main.

  • The mds use PostgreSQL replication to synchronize data with XiVO Main.

  • To control the replication process, the max_slot_wal_keep_size parameter is set to 1G. This means that if a mds becomes unavailable and falls too far behind, it will not be able to continue replication.

For more detailed information on PostgreSQL replication configurations, please refer to the PostgreSQL documentation.