Queue statistics


XiVO generates statistics, based on the queue logs computed by asterisk, on any calls and calls attempt to the queues
Statistics computed in real time are available in the ccmanager (see Queue view).
Statistics reports can be generated using SpagoBI (see spagobi).


It summarizes how we sort and name every call to a queue, reaching different states.

These states are based on asterisk queue logs event types, you should find more infos about them here : https://docs.asterisk.org/Operation/Logging/Queue-Logs/?h=queue+log
The CCM icon means the value is readable on the CC Manager (see Queue view).


Configure SpagoBI on http://XIVOCC_IP/SpagoBI (by default login: biadmin, password: biadmin). Replace XIVOCC_IP by the CC VM’s IP or the FQDN.

Update default language

  1. Go to “⚙ Resources” > “Configuration management”

  2. In the “Select Category” field, chose “LANGUAGE_SUPPORTED”

  3. change value of the label “SPAGOBI.LANGUAGE_SUPPORTED.LANGUAGE.default” in your language : fr,FR , en,US , …

Upload Statistics Reports

Are you on a new installation ? Download the sample_reports from https://gitlab.com/xivocc/sample_reports/-/raw/master/spagobi/qsr_and_statusdb_from_luna.zip Did you upgrade to luna ? Get the new queue support report from https://gitlab.com/xivocc/sample_reports/-/raw/master/spagobi/queue_support_report.zip

Import zip file in SpagoBI:

  1. Goto “Repository Management” -> “Import/Export”

  2. Click on “Browse/Choose your file” and choose the previously downloaded file

  3. Click on “Import” icon

  4. Click next with default options until you are asked to override metadata, set Yes as shown in screen below


You can now browse the reports in Document->Rapports->Exemples.


Use the database status report to check if replication and reporting generation is working :


About Agents Statistics

They are being worked on, the old agent statistics report is not supported in luna (but you can still find and upload it from the previous versions of this documentation, the more recent here : https://documentation.xivo.solutions/en/2023.05/installation/xivocc/installation/installation.html#upload-statistics-reports).