Profile Management

With what is called the Configuration Management Server one can specify the profile of a user.

To do that one has to:

  • log in the Configuration management server accessible at https://XIVO_PBX/configmgt,
  • as Superadmin (whose login is avencall)

When logged in as Superadmin one can:

Profiles Definition

Profiles and their rights are summed up in the following table:

Profile Application
CC Manager Recording
Access Actions Access Actions
Administrator Yes All Yes
  • all recording
  • recordings filtering
Supervisor [4]
  • w/ Recording
  • All on its queues [1]
  • Recording switch
  • Create/delete teachers
Yes Its queues’ [1] recordings
Supervisor [4]
  • wo/ Recordings
  • All on its queues [1]
  • No recording switch
No N.A. [2]
Teacher No N.A. [2] Yes
  • Its queues’ [1] recordings
  • During configured period
No profile No [3] N.A. [2] No N.A.

Also administrators and supervisors with “dissuasion” access right can change the exceptional closing dissuasion destination when logged in webagent or in the CCManager. see Activity’s Failed Destination Configuration.

[1](1, 2, 3, 4) i.e. attributed queues to the user via the Config Mgt. Note also that agents groups should be attributed accordingly.
[2](1, 2, 3) Not Applicable
[3]Depending on the Access authorizations in CCManager configuration
[4](1, 2) See Supervisor Profile Specificities section

Supervisor Profile Specificities

Compared to other profiles, supervisor profile has specific rights. That is, when logged in the Configuration Management Server, a Supervisor can:

  • attribute a profile Teacher to another user (to a subset of its own attributed queues),
  • and create callbacks list (on its own attributed queues)

Impact on CC Agent

Any agent can log in the CC Agent application.

Then, when logged in the CC Agent, this agent can see all the queues in the Activities view.


But if an agent is also a Supervisor. When this agent is logged in the CC Agent, it will see only the set of queues and agents as it was given him in the Supervisor profile via the Configuration Management Server.