Old Pack Reporting Upgrade Procedures

These notes include upgrade procedures for old versions of the Pack reporting, before XivoCC starts and before it was packaged with Docker. In those cases, run the following command to find the installed version of the pack reporting:

dpkg -l|grep pack-reporting

From version < 1.6

  • data retention time will be lost during upgrade : save it and write it back in /etc/xivo-reporting-db.conf

  • the upgrade is likely to be long if there is a lot of data in queue_log. Purge old data out of this table if possible in order to accelerate the upgrade

  • at the end of the upgrade, run apt-get autoremove (deletion of xivo-stat, xivo-libdao and xivo-lib-python)

From version < 1.8

  • XiVO in version < 14.08 is not supported anymore

  • if it is required, the upgrade of the XiVO must be done before the upgrade of the pack reporting, and no call must be performed between the two upgrades

From a version using Debian packaging to a version using Docker

  • Beware: this will require a migration of the original PostgreSQL database to the Dockerised one. For this you need to have free disk space : the amount of free disk space must equal the size of /var/lib/postgresql. This check must be performed after docker images have been pulled.

  • Run the following commands:

apt-get update
service xivo-db-replication stop
service xivo-full-stats stopsource/releasenotes/index.rst
apt-get install pack-reporting xivo-full-stats xivo-reporting-db xivo-db-replication db-utils
service xivo-db-replication stop
service xivo-full-stats stop
  • Install docker, docker-compose and xivocc-installer

  • Open docker-xivocc.yml and remove sections recording_rsync, config_mgt, recording_server, xuc, xucmgt

  • Run xivocc-dcomp pull

  • CHECK THE FREE DISK SPACE. The next command will migrate the database. This may take several hours.

sudo -u postgres pg_dump --format c xivo_stats | docker exec -i xivocc_pgxivocc_1 pg_restore -U postgres -d xivo_stats
  • Start by xivocc-dcomp up -d

From a dockerized version before callbacks

  • Run the following commands:

docker exec -ti compose_pgxivocc_1 psql -U postgres -c 'CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS "uuid-ossp"' xivo_stats
docker exec -ti compose_pgxivocc_1 psql -U postgres -c 'CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS "uuid-ossp"' xuc_rights