CC Manager

See CC Manager features.

Access authorizations in CCManager


Behavior was changed in 2017.LTS1 (see 2017.LTS1 release notes in Release Notes)

By default, CCManager access is authorized only for users with Administrateur or Superviseur rigths (as defined in the Configuration Management server). If required, you can authorize all users to connect to the CCManager interface by setting the ENFORCE_MANAGER_SECURITY environment variable to false in the /etc/docker/compose/custom.env file:


Then you need to recreate the xucmgt container with xivocc-dcomp up -d. Then each user will be able to log in the CCManager. Otherwise, each user that wants to connect to the CCManager will need to have a Administrateur or Superviseur profile in the Configuration Management server.

Warn agent when spied

By default when a supervisor spies on an agent - see Agents actions - the agent is only warned via its CC Agent Call control listen icon. You can change the behavior to warn the agent when spied swith a small beep and/or a function key lit on its deskphone.

To do this, set the ENABLE_CHANSPY_BEEP environment variable to true in the /etc/docker/compose/custom.env file:


See also Listened advertisement using function keys.