History API

This API to retrieve any kind of call history (user, agent, queue, customer…)

A sample of implementation is available in app/assets/javascripts/pages/sampleHistory.js and app/views/sample/sampleHistory.scala.html

History Methods


Get the call history of the logged in user, limited to the last size calls. If size is null, the last 10 days of history will be returned.


Get the call history of the logged in user, limited to the last days days.


Get the call history of the logged in agent, limited to the last size calls.

Cti.getQueueCallHistory(queue, size)

Get a call history for a queue or a set of queues. You may pass part of a queue name (not display name).

i.e. pass bl if you want to match queue name blue, black and blow

History Events

Associated Handler CALLHISTORY

Received when calling the above methods Cti.getAgentCallHistory(size) or Cti.getUserCallHistory(size) or Cti.getUserCallHistoryByDays(days).

  • CALLHISTORY : “CallHistory”
     "start":"2014-01-01 08:00:00",

For queue calls status can be :

  • full - full queue
  • closed - closed queue
  • joinempty - call arrived on empty queue
  • leaveempty - exit when queue becomes empty
  • divert_ca_ratio -call redirected because the ratio waiting calls/agents was exceeded
  • divert_waittime - call redirected because estimated waiting time was exceeded;
  • answered - call answered
  • abandoned - call abandoned
  • timeout - maximum waiting time exceeded

For other calls

  • emitted
  • missed
  • ongoing