Configuration Management


The callback system in XivoCC aims at performing outgoing calls to specific numbers, to which some information can be associated such as a description ar a personal name.

The core object of the callback system is the callback request. A callback request is made of the following fields:

  • First name of person to call
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Company name
  • Description
  • Due date

Each callback request is associated to a predefined callback period, which represents the preferred interval of the day in which the call should be performed.

A callback request cannot exist on its own: it must be stored in a callback list, which is itself associated to a queue.

Once a callback request has been performed, it generates a callback ticket. This ticket sums up the original information of the callback request, but adding some new fields:

  • Start date: date at which the callback request was actually performed
  • Last update: date of the last modification of the ticket
  • Comment
  • Status : the result of the callback
  • Agent: the Call Center agent who performed the callback

Callback Lists

A callback list is an object which will contain callback request. It is associated to a queue, and several callback lists can be associated to the same queue.


Once created, a list can be populated whether through the Callbacks tab of the CCManager, or programmatically through the web services of the configuration server.

Callback Periods

A callback period represents an interval of the day, bounded by a start date and an end date. It can be set as the default interval, so that a newly created callback request will be associated to this period if none is specified.