Agent configuration


Recording can be paused or started by an agent, this feature can be disabled by changing showRecordingControls option in file application.conf. You can also set the environnment variable SHOW_RECORDING_CONTROLS to false for your xucmgt container in /etc/docker/compose/custom.env file. When disabled the recording status is not displayed any more



Callbacks panel can be removed using by changing showCallbacks option in application.conf. You can also use SHOW_CALLBACKS environment variable in /etc/docker/compose/custom.env file.


Queue control

By using the showQueueControls option in application.conf, you may allow an agent to enter or leave a queue. You can also use SHOW_QUEUE_CONTROLS environment variable in /etc/docker/compose/custom.env file.


Pause Cause and Status


By default the pause action from the agent cannot be specified with a specific cause such as Lunch Time, or Tea Time. To be able to use a specific cause, you will have to define new Presences in the cti server configuration.


You define presences with action Activate pause to all queue to true, for not ready causes, and you must have one presence defined with an action Disable pause to all queue to be able to go back to not ready. When this presences are defined, you must restart the xuc server to be able to use them in ccagent, these presences will also be automatically available in CCmanager and new real time counters will be calculated.

Presence from ready to pause Presence from pause to ready

Screen Popup

It is possible to display customer information in an external web application using Xivo sheet mecanism.

  • Services > CTI Server > Sheets > Models:
    • Tab General Settings: Give a name
    • Tab Sheet: You must define a sheet with two fields
      • folderNumber
        • field type = text
        • It has to be defined. Can be calculated or use a default value not equal to “-“
        • Note: You could leave “empty” using a whitespace (in hexadecimal: %20)
      • popupUrl
  • Services > CTI Server > Sheets > Events: Choose the right events for opening the URL (if you choose two events, url will opened twice etc.)

Example : Using the caller number to open a customer info web page


Login and Pause management using function keys

If agent uses phone with customizable function keys, these keys can be set to manage agent Login/Logout and Pause/Unpause.

  • On on XiVO PBX edit /etc/xivo-xuc.conf and change variables:

    • XUC_SERVER_IP to IP address of XivoCC
    • XUC_SERVER_PORT to port of XUC Server (default is 8090)
  • Configure user:

    • Open Services > IPBX > IPBX settings > Users
    • Edit the user, open Func Keys tab and add two rows
    • For Pause/Unpause function set Type: Customized, Destination: ***34 followed by user line number, Label: Pause, Supervision: Enabled
    • For Login/Logout function set Type: Customized, Destination: ***30 followed by user line number, Label: Login, Supervision: Enabled