Load the correct DAHDI modules

For your Digium card to work properly you must load the appropriate DAHDI kernel module. This is done via the file /etc/dahdi/modules and this page will guide you through its configuration.

Know which card is in your server

You can see which cards are detected by issuing the dahdi_hardware command:

pci:0000:05:0d.0     wcb4xxp-     d161:b410 Digium Wildcard B410P
pci:0000:05:0e.0     wct4xxp-     d161:0205 Wildcard TE205P (4th Gen)

This command gives the card name detected and, more importantly, the DAHDI kernel module needed for this card. In the above example you can see that two cards are detected in the system:

  • a Digium B410P which needs the wcb4xxp module
  • and a Digium TE205P which needs the wct4xxp module

Create the configuration file

Now that we know the modules we need, we can create our configuration file:

  1. Create the file /etc/dahdi/modules:

    touch /etc/dahdi/modules
  2. Fill it with the modules name you found with the dahdi_hardware command (one module name per line). In our example, your /etc/dahdi/modules file should contain the following lines:



In the /usr/share/dahdi/modules.sample file you can find all the modules supported in your XiVO version.

Apply the configuration

To apply the configuration, restart the services:

xivo-service restart

Next step

Now that you have loaded the correct module for your card you must:

  1. check if you need to follow one of the Specific configuration sections below,
  2. and continue with the next configuration step which is to configure the echo canceller.

Specific configuration

This section lists some specific configuration. You should not follow them unless you have a specific need.

TE13x, TE23x, TE43x: E1/T1 selection

With E1/T1 cards you must select the correct line mode between:

  • E1 : the European standard,
  • and T1 : North American standard

For old generation cards (TE12x, TE20x, TE40x series) the line mode is selected via a physical jumper.

For new generation cards like TE13x, TE23x, TE43x series the line mode is selected by configuration.

If you’re configuring one of these TE13x, T23x, T43x cards then you MUST create a configuration file to set the line mode to E1:

  1. Create the file /etc/modprobe.d/xivo-wcte-linemode.conf:

    touch /etc/modprobe.d/xivo-wcte-linemode.conf
  2. Fill it with the following lines replacing DAHDI_MODULE_NAME by the correct module name (wcte13xp, wcte43x …):

    # set the card in E1/T1 mode
    options DAHDI_MODULE_NAME default_linemode=e1
  3. Then, restart the services:

    xivo-service restart