Upgrade Callisto to Deneb

In this section is listed the manual steps to do when migrating from Callisto to Deneb.

Before Upgrade



In this release the XiVO Reporting was removed from the solution. The only supported Reporting solution is the XiVO CC Reporting.

XiVO Reporting was removed, including:

  • the menu Services ‣ Statistics ‣ Call Center in the Web Interface

  • the statistics generation (the xivo-stat script)

Note that the computed stats were not removed from the database. If you need, you can backup the following tables:

  • stat_call_on_queue

  • stat_queue_periodic

  • stat_agent

  • stat_queue



  • You MUST upgrade to docker-ce with the manual procedure below.

  • Postgres database data will be moved outside the docker volume to the host.

  • When installing the new xivocc-installer package the XiVOCC services will be stopped.

  • Totem panels will be lost during upgrade. Please check ELK 7 Upgrade Notes page.

  • Postgres: database data will be moved from the docker volume to the host in /var/lib/postgresql/data. This data migration will be almost instantaneous if the volume data is in the same partition. To check if the volume data is on the same partition as the host destination /var/lib/postgresql/data:

    • Retrieve the pgxivocc volume data dir:

      docker inspect xivocc_pgxivocc_1 -f '{{range .Mounts}}{{if (eq .Destination "/var/lib/postgresql/data")}}{{.Source}}{{end}}{{end}}'
    • Then check if it in the same partition as /var/lib/postgresql/data dir.

  • Docker: you MUST upgrade to docker-ce before upgrading xivocc-installer.

    • Check if you have docker-engine installed:

    dpkg -l |grep '^ii' |grep docker-engine -q && echo -e "\n\tDocker is installed via docker-engine.\n\tYou MUST upgrade it, BEFORE updating xivocc-installer.\n"
    • If docker-engine is installed, you must upgrade to docker-ce before updating xivocc-installer:

      • Switch the debian sources to the targetted LTS version (it should be located in the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xivo-dist.list). For example, to switch to Deneb LTS version:

      deb http://mirror.xivo.solutions/debian/ xivo-deneb main
      • Install xivo-dist:

      # Update APT sources
      apt-get update
      # Install xivo-dist (to prepare docker installation)
      apt-get install xivo-dist
      # Fix docker sources list if needed
      [ $(lsb_release -cs) == "jessie" ] && echo "deb https://download.docker.com/linux/debian $(lsb_release -cs) stable" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list
      apt-get update
      • Install docker-ce:


      if you are upgrading from Aldebaran or lower, this step will trigger the upgrade of xivocc-installer package. You MUST NOT do it if the XiVO IPBX upgrade is not finished - as stated in Aldebaran to Boréalis Upgrade notes in Manual steps for LTS upgrade.

      apt-get install docker-ce
    • Then, you can follow the normal Upgrade process.

  • Totem panels: during upgrade the ELK stack will be upgraded.

    • Old Elasticsearch/Kibana containers will be removed.

    • Previous data/dashboard won’t be upgraded to new version. Therefore they are saved in a folder /var/local/elasticsearch-1.7.

    • Be sure to have enough disk space in this folder partition. You should need at most 1GB of free disk space. The upgrade script checks the real required space and stops if the space is not available.

    • See also ELK 7 Upgrade Notes page.

After Upgrade


  • WebRTC accounts: lines created with webrtc option set to something else than yes will be set to yes. Previously, whatever the value of the webrtc option, the line was created with the appropriate WebRTC option. To see which lines were changed, check the migration output in postgresql logs:

    zgrep "MIGRATE_WEBRTC" /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-11-main.log*


  • Totem panels: during upgrade the ELK stack was upgraded.