Phone Integration

XUC based web applications like agent interface or UC Assistant integrates buttons for phone control. This section details necessary configuration, supported phones and limitations.


The VoIP VLAN network have to be accessible by the xivocc xuc server

Required configuration

The following steps are not required if you updated the Provisioning plugins.

Polycom phones


This is required only for plugins:

  • xivo-polycom-4.0.9 version below v1.9

  • xivo-polycom-5.4.3 version below v1.8

To enable phone control buttons on web interfaces you must update the basic template of Polycom phones:

  • go to the plugin directory: /var/lib/xivo-provd/plugins/xivo-polycom-VERSION

  • copy the default template from templates/base.tpl to var/templates/

  • then you must update app.push parameters in the else section (do not replace switchboard settings) as follows:


Snom phones

For transfer to work on Polaris version you must have plugins with version v2.2 or above.

Update Device Configuration

  • to update device configuration you must run xivo-provd-cli -c 'devices.using_plugin("xivo-polycom-VERSION").reconfigure()'

  • and finally you must resynchronize the device: xivo-provd-cli -c 'devices.using_plugin("xivo-polycom-VERSION").synchronize()'

  • refer to provisioning documentation for more details

  • if the phone synchronization fails check if the phone uses the version of the plugin you have updated, you can use xivo-provd-cli -c 'devices.find()'

Configuration Customization

If you changed, via the XiVO PBX Web Interface in Configuration ‣ Provisioning‣ Template Device, the phone administrator username or administrator password, you need to customize the xuc server configuration.

For this you need to:

  1. Include the a specific configuration file for the xucserver onment variable to specify the alternate config file location

      - CONFIG_FILE=/conf/xuc.conf
      - /etc/docker/xuc:/conf
  2. Create the directory /etc/docker/xuc/:

    mkdir -p /etc/docker/xuc/
  3. Create the /etc/docker/xuc/xuc.conf configuration file with the following content:

    • For Snom: change the user and password values accordingly:

       include "application.conf"
       Snom {
    • For Polycom: change the user and password values accordingly:

       include "application.conf"
       Polycom {

Known limitations

Phone integration with Agent and Web / Desktop application has these limitations:


  • If the second call was initiated from Agent / Assistant and the called user rejected the call, the first call will stay hold until it is manually resumed

  • If the second call was initiated from the phone, the transfer must be also completed from the phone. It can’t be completed from Agent / Assistant.

  • You cannot complete a transfer initiated from the Agent / Assistant by hanging up.