Integration of XiVO dird with the rest of XiVO

Configuration values


In the main configuration file of xivo-dird in the views section, the following keys are interpreted and displayed in xlet people of the XiVO Client:

The title will be shown as a header for the column
  • agent: the field value will be ignored and replaced by an icon showing the status of the agent assigned to the contact (e.g. green icon for logged agent, red icon for unlogged agent, ...)

  • favorite: the boolean field value will be replaced by an icon showing if the status is favorite (yellow star filled) or not (yellow star empty).

  • mobile: a dropdown action on the number field will be added to call the field value. Currently, only the last mobile field will be displayed.

  • name: a decoration will be added to the field value (typically a color dot) showing the presence status of the contact (e.g. Disconnected, Available, Away, ...)

  • number: the field value will be:

    • added a decoration (typically a color dot) showing the status of the phone of the contact (e.g. Offline, Ringing, Talking, ...)
    • replaced with a button to call the contact with your phone when using the mouse