The default consul installation in XiVO uses the configuration file in /etc/consul/xivo/*.json. All files in this directory are installed with the package and should not be modified by the administrator. To use a different configuration, the adminstrator can add it’s own configuration file at another location and set the new configuration directory in the /etc/default/consul file.

The default installation generates a master token that can be retrieved in /usr/lib/consul/master_token. This master token will not be used if a new configuration is supplied.


The following variables can be overridden in the /etc/default/consul file.

CONFIG_DIR=/etc/consul/xivo         # The configuration directory
USER=consul                         # The user used to run the consul process
GROUP=consul                        # The group used to run the consul process
PIDDIR=/var/run/consul              # The directory where the pidfile will be written
PIDFILE=/var/run/consul/  # The name of the pidfile (PIDDIR must match)