XiVO sysconfd

xivo-sysconfd is the system configuration server for XiVO. It does quite a few different things; here’s a non exhaustive list:

  • configuring network (interfaces, hostname, DNS)
  • configuring high availability
  • staring/stopping/restarting services
  • reloading asterisk configuration
  • sending some events to components (xivo-agentd, xivo-agid and xivo-ctid)

Configuration File

Default location: /etc/xivo/sysconfd.conf. Format: INI.

The default location may be overwritten by the command line options.

Here’s an example of the configuration file:

xivo_config_path = /etc/xivo
templates_path = /usr/share/xivo-sysconfd/templates
custom_templates_path = /etc/xivo/sysconfd/custom-templates
backup_path = /var/backups/xivo-sysconfd

hostname_file = /etc/hostname
hostname_update_cmd = /etc/init.d/hostname.sh start
hosts_file = /etc/hosts
resolvconf_file = /etc/resolv.conf

interfaces_file = /etc/network/interfaces

templates_path = /usr/share/xivo-config/templates
custom_templates_path = /etc/xivo/custom-templates

commonconf_file = /etc/xivo/common.conf
commonconf_generate_cmd = /usr/sbin/xivo-create-config
commonconf_update_cmd = /usr/sbin/xivo-update-config
commonconf_monit = /usr/sbin/xivo-monitoring-update

certsdir = /var/lib/xivo/certificates

monit_checks_dir = /usr/share/xivo-monitoring/checks
monit_conf_dir = /etc/monit/conf.d

synchronous = false

username = guest
password = guest
host = localhost
port = 5672
exchange_name = xivo
exchange_type = topic
exchange_durable = true

request_handlers section


If this option is true, when xivo-sysconfd receives a request to reload the dialplan for example, it will wait for the dialplan reload to complete before replying to the request.

When this option is false, xivo-sysconfd reply to the request immediately.

By default, this option is set to false to speed up some operations (for example, editing a user from the web interface or from xivo-confd), but this means that there will be a small delay (up to a few seconds in the worst case) between the time you create your user and the time you can dial successfully its extension.