Agent environment


Web application for contact center agents


Recording can be paused or started by an agent, this feature can be disabled by changing showRecordingControls option in application.conf, you can also set the environnment variable SHOW_RECORDING_CONTROLS to false for your xucmgt container in docker compose yml file. When disabled the recording status is not displayed any more


Callbacks panel can be removed using by changing showCallbacks option in application.conf, you can also use SHOW_CALLBACKS environment variable in docker compose yml file.

By using the showQueueControls option in application.conf, you may allow an agent to enter or leave a queue. You can also use SHOW_QUEUE_CONTROLS environment variable in docker compose yml file.


Taking Callbacks

The agent can see the callbacks related to the queues he is logged on. They are available in the Callbacks tab, beside the Agents of my group tab.

On this page, the agent only has access to basic information about the callback: the phone number to call, the person’s name and its company name. On the left of each callback line, a colored clock indicates the temporal status of this callback:

  • yellow if the callback is to be processed later
  • green if we are currently inside the callback period
  • red if the callback period is over

To process one of these callbacks, the agent must click on one of the callbacks line. This will remove the callback from the other agents’ list, and trigger the following screen:


To launch the call, the agent must click on one of the available phone numbers. Once the callback is launched, the status can be changed and a comment can be added.

If you set ‘Callback’ as status, the callback can be rescheduled at a later time and another period:


Clicking on the calendar icon next to the “New due date” field, will popup a calendar to select another callback date.

Screen Popup

It is possible to display customer information in an external web application using Xivo sheet mecanism.

You must define a sheet with two fields

  • folderNumber

    have to be defined. Can be calculated or use a default value not equal to “-“

  • popupUrl

    The url to open when call arrives : i.e. the folder number will be automatically appended to the end of the URL

Example : Using the caller number to open a customer info web page